Monday, January 28, 2013

The Castle Run 2013 !!!

It's on !!! The Castle Run 2013, come, and you'll be having: Awesome food, awesome beer fresh from the tap, awesome live music, awesome bikes and awesome company by your awesome lovin friends from Denmark. Hope to see you there!!!
Buy your tickets online at :

 Here's a bunch of familiar faces who'll welcome you when you arrive:

 Lau, the archbishop of Chopperchurch, Copenhagen Chapter, and co-owner of Motorius.

Uncle Red, covergirl and builder of awesome choppers.

Jacob-Ole, The Doctor of Tzatziki and tamer of foxes.

Allan Pres. of Killer Bobbers and James co-host @ The Castle Run, 2 cool 4 school.

Peter Ossian, wizard and member of metallurgical secret societies of Copenhagen. ossianbuilds

Stroker Kasper - Roadkillcircus, co-owner of Motorius, and Rakel Chopper-Queen and globetrotter.

Nicolas, Panmeister, Linkert-attacker and member of the Tzatziki-klan.

Knuckle Chris, lord of EL's and the only person I know who have actually read eBay and memorizes it..

Yours truly, the Professor. Flathead specialist and adventurer in the lands of OHV-conversions.

Last but not least, Patrick the Firestarter. The Burgmeister and lord of Brews so beautiful, makes ya hear the angels fartin' lad !!! Proprietor and resident of the Castle. Without him, The *Castle* Run wouldn't have been quite the same..

So, looking forward to see these people?? If not , well come anyway, we are looking forward to see you!!

And here an ode to our swedish friends, hope to see you soon, thanks for awesome choppers and for Daniel Norgren:

-The Professor says: Stay safe, and COME to The Castle Run !!!

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