Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Love holidays!

When you're off work, school or whatever you're doing, holidays are there to be the soothing lotion on your aching soul..

You can :

1. Spend time in the workshop prepping and tuning:

2. Go to stoner rock concerts with bands like for instance the Sword:

3. You can spend some more time in the workshop, with your friends, who might be cooking something...?

Ahhhh, parkerizing, that's whats cooking..

Awesome !! until next time,

-the Professor says: Stay safe !!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Castle Run 2013 !!!

It's on !!! The Castle Run 2013, come, and you'll be having: Awesome food, awesome beer fresh from the tap, awesome live music, awesome bikes and awesome company by your awesome lovin friends from Denmark. Hope to see you there!!!
Buy your tickets online at :

 Here's a bunch of familiar faces who'll welcome you when you arrive:

 Lau, the archbishop of Chopperchurch, Copenhagen Chapter, and co-owner of Motorius.

Uncle Red, covergirl and builder of awesome choppers.

Jacob-Ole, The Doctor of Tzatziki and tamer of foxes.

Allan Pres. of Killer Bobbers and James co-host @ The Castle Run, 2 cool 4 school.

Peter Ossian, wizard and member of metallurgical secret societies of Copenhagen. ossianbuilds

Stroker Kasper - Roadkillcircus, co-owner of Motorius, and Rakel Chopper-Queen and globetrotter.

Nicolas, Panmeister, Linkert-attacker and member of the Tzatziki-klan.

Knuckle Chris, lord of EL's and the only person I know who have actually read eBay and memorizes it..

Yours truly, the Professor. Flathead specialist and adventurer in the lands of OHV-conversions.

Last but not least, Patrick the Firestarter. The Burgmeister and lord of Brews so beautiful, makes ya hear the angels fartin' lad !!! Proprietor and resident of the Castle. Without him, The *Castle* Run wouldn't have been quite the same..

So, looking forward to see these people?? If not , well come anyway, we are looking forward to see you!!

And here an ode to our swedish friends, hope to see you soon, thanks for awesome choppers and for Daniel Norgren:

-The Professor says: Stay safe, and COME to The Castle Run !!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Waiting for summer!!

Ahh great to kick back and think about this summers Roskilde festival. Here's some pics.

It was just announced that Queens of the stone age, Sigur Ros and Slipknot, are on the poster. Great!! Great names to start off with, can't wait for the rest of the program!

Anyway this week coming up I've got three exams, Maths, Mechanics and Materials Science. Been studying like a mad man, so I hope I'll do good.

Hope everyone's enjoying the Christmas season!  Here's some good music for all of you people out there needing a good groove.

Alright, take care, updates and part two of making the seat will come next sunday, 16/12!

The professor says: STAY SAFE!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Part 1: Lets get this started…

Part 1: Lets get this started…

Ok, I’ve been slumbering all autumn at the foot of the aluminium hills of wisdom… Wizardry in metallurgical preposterous behavior of precipitate-hardening alloys for secret societies, intercrystallic bonds of incoherent faces and the entropy of vacancies in time space continuum often leads to a broken liver and an aching head…
Therefore I’ll now start showing what I promised you so long ago.. How to make yourself a neat leather saddle, when you can’t afford to let “Heathers” make it for you…
First of all this is what I use:

Plus this: Peter Cook Heavy duty adhesive.

Now there are many different approaches on this subject, but the way I like to start off is to:
1. Strip everything off the seat pan and if necessary give it a good sand­blasting. Now you’ll know what shape your pan is in and where to begin.
2. Decide in which degree you want to restore your seat. You probably want to go all in on fixing little cracks and weld stuff that needs weldning since you are not going to want to do this when your seat is upholstered and nice… So, make sure all holes for the rivets on the perimeter are even spaced, since they’re gonna be visible when done. Make sure the front bracket is not broken. Make sure the egde of the pan is not too badly bent and wavy. And that’s about it.
3. Paint the pan, inside and outside. Inside? Why? Its not going to be visible? Well, at some point (unless you live in always sunny SoCal) it’s going to get wet and rusty if you don’t do it. It doesn’t have to the thickest layer inside, You still want the glue to be able to stick, so just a thin layer will do fine. Also If your seat is not fitted with “vent” holes in the bottom drill some, for conden­sation moist not to build up under the foam.

4. Cut long strips of thick leather (3mm – 1/8 in)  to go on either side of the edge. Depending on the distance from your rivet holes to the edge, cut strips of about 50 mm - 2 inches in width and make them as long as possible. Soak the strips in water for about 20 min, that’ll make them tractable when you’re going to force them around the curves. Mark up the center (lengthwise) of the strips and punch/cut a hole about 2/3’s from the bottom edge. Start by riveting the middle of the rear ridge on the seat, working your way towards the nose of the seat, from both sides, making sure at all times that the leather is symmetric around the middle. Of course this only applies if your strips aren’t long enough to reach all around the perimeter, but still keep in mind that somewhere there’s going to be a joint, so you might as well do it in the middle of the nose.

Riveting done, and stitching the four pieces together on either side, symmetric around the center axis. As you’ll notice, I’ve cut notches in the leather on the inside top of the nose, to relief stress and make it easier to bend. The reason why I apply thick strips of leather on both sides is that this will prevent the metal edge from working its way through the thinner top leather and it’ll make the finished edge much nicer.
5. Time for foam. I use cheap sleeping pad for foam. It’s got three advantages over regular foam: One, it’s easy to apply. Two, it’s easy to shape. Three, it doesn’t act like a sponge when soaked after a long days ride in the rain.
Cut thin strips to glue in the little reinforcement voids. And trim excess off. Just use Locktite super glue, it dries up quick (10 sec) and is sh…t easy to use.

Now lay the foam on top of your seat press it down with one hand and with the other mark with a speedmarker the very rough outline. You want to have the foam reaching the outer edge of the leather.
Rough the surface slightly, with some sandpaper p120-180, to give the glue a surface easy to bind to. Wipe down with thinner or alcohol.
Apply glue on both seat and foam and basically just follow the instructions on the can, as regarding to drying time and so on. I’ve tested this specific glue “Peter Cook”’s ability to glue soaking wet leather on foam, and found it excellent. This will prove to be very useful later on.

Massage the foam from the middle of the seat and outwards towards the perimeter, to get rid of airpockets, this is especially important in the area marked. If you’re having trouble with the foam not wanting to set into the curved area, cut stress relief grooves:

6. Trim and repeat: Trim roughly and mark the outline of the second glue area => Second layer of foam. Depending on how thick you want your padding, chose how many layers you put on. I usually aim for around 15-20mm = 5/8 – ¾ in. Glue on the next layer the same way as before.

Massage it down and make sure it’s staying down! Cut grooves if necessary.
Questions are always welcome.
We’ll finish it up in the next episode: Part 2.

The professor says: Stay safe!!!!
 ...until next time..
-the Professor.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Killer Bobbers : The Bacon Run

Alright, so over the years it's more or less become a tradition for us at Killer Bobbers to end every season with the so called "Bacon Run". A ride down to beautiful Møn, a small island in the south-eastern part of Denmark, where Red, builder of the blue Pan -coverbike of last months dicemagazine

, has a family summerhouse. A real nice time to chillax, barbecue, drink beer and practice one's shooting skills. We were blessed with a minimum amount of rain on the ride and an enormous amount of cold beer when we arrived at the scene.. The good Patrick from Krenkerup Brewery, who is now the happy owner of the before mentioned Pan, delivered his brewerys finest nectar, the gooooolden beer!!

It's the most relaxing run of the year for sure and the best way to finish off an awesome season. Of course the boys from glorious Motorious Lau and Kasper was there as well, even though Lau had som belt issues on the road down there. After having tried to cut down the belt by 1/2 inch, moving the gearbox around and all kinds of other stuff, the issue got fixed by a too long extra belt which Anders Donde luckily had in his saddlebag.

Saturday morning, checking out bikes:

Thanks for a great weekend guys, hope you've had a great weekend in Mannheim!! Hope you're bringing home some gold!!!
Here's some gold from the day:

Alright next time I'll start showing you how to go from:


Stay tuned !!!


-the Professor

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer's gone.. Here comes darkness!!

For those of you who didn't get the memo... Summer's gone! Time to crawl back down to your dark caves or cellars or what have you. Time to pull those cylinders off, check those brake liners, grease up those bushings, tighten those rattling nuts, re-gasket that leaking ol' gearbox and well just have a good time.
While down there drinking your coffee and beer enjoying yourself, tune in to these sweet notes from "Pentagram" and let your ever hungry eyes feast upon the awesome transworld skatevideo wonder Richie Jackson, if you dare....

When you're done there's always time to listen to good old danish punkband "De Skrigende Halse" with "Riders of Depression":

Last but not least you need some blues.. No matter what you HAVE to listen to some blues, so here he is, the late R.L.  Burnside..


-the Profezzzzor

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black Keys and leather

I'm a huge fan of the US based band the Black Keys and last night I got the chance to see them live in concert here in Copenhagen!!!

 It was  mindblowing!! They played some stuff from almost all of their records, even from the very first albums, dirty heavy blues, I LOVE IT!!!!! I ran in to a good friend of mine at the concert, Patrick from The Castlerun, and after having discussed the matter for a while, we both agreed to the fact that the combination of heavy heavy bluesmusic, played at a certain volume combined with the consumption of a sigificant amount of beer, rips the very space-time continuum, thereby creating a timevault in which all impressions seems to blur into a big maze of pure awesomeness!!!!




So, today life seemed to just continue and do its normal tuesdaything being mellow and tuesdayish, so I decided to do a little work to one of the wallets im doing here at Very Motorcycles. When they're finished and i'm satisfied with the design, they will be sold here as well for an extremely decent price. I'm also working on some belts and other cool stuff of leather for all you hidelovers out there! 

Thats it for now, off for the US in two days !!!! WUHUU!! Cheers!!

May the winds of fortune always fill your sails!

-The Professor