Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer's gone.. Here comes darkness!!

For those of you who didn't get the memo... Summer's gone! Time to crawl back down to your dark caves or cellars or what have you. Time to pull those cylinders off, check those brake liners, grease up those bushings, tighten those rattling nuts, re-gasket that leaking ol' gearbox and well just have a good time.
While down there drinking your coffee and beer enjoying yourself, tune in to these sweet notes from "Pentagram" and let your ever hungry eyes feast upon the awesome transworld skatevideo wonder Richie Jackson, if you dare....

When you're done there's always time to listen to good old danish punkband "De Skrigende Halse" with "Riders of Depression":

Last but not least you need some blues.. No matter what you HAVE to listen to some blues, so here he is, the late R.L.  Burnside..


-the Profezzzzor

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