Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black Keys and leather

I'm a huge fan of the US based band the Black Keys and last night I got the chance to see them live in concert here in Copenhagen!!!

 It was  mindblowing!! They played some stuff from almost all of their records, even from the very first albums, dirty heavy blues, I LOVE IT!!!!! I ran in to a good friend of mine at the concert, Patrick from The Castlerun, and after having discussed the matter for a while, we both agreed to the fact that the combination of heavy heavy bluesmusic, played at a certain volume combined with the consumption of a sigificant amount of beer, rips the very space-time continuum, thereby creating a timevault in which all impressions seems to blur into a big maze of pure awesomeness!!!!




So, today life seemed to just continue and do its normal tuesdaything being mellow and tuesdayish, so I decided to do a little work to one of the wallets im doing here at Very Motorcycles. When they're finished and i'm satisfied with the design, they will be sold here as well for an extremely decent price. I'm also working on some belts and other cool stuff of leather for all you hidelovers out there! 

Thats it for now, off for the US in two days !!!! WUHUU!! Cheers!!

May the winds of fortune always fill your sails!

-The Professor

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