Sunday, August 12, 2012


So, last night my good friend Lars had his 30th birthday party, with all the free booze you can imagine. After having drunk a lot of tequila I went to get some icecubes in the freezer, and unfortunately came across a bottle of royal danish "Rød AAlborg", the danish schnaps, crisp and with frost on it.. Sweet! Now, a lot of you guys probably know that schnaps is like poison to the mind, it grabs you by your genitals and F*¤%&#"KS you up!! Of course being vikings and everything we had to finish the bottle.....

Hence, yours truly have been very "under the weather" today.. Still, around five the weather was still beautiful and I was feeling very restless, so I thought lets go fishing! Packed up trusty old Thomsen ad off we went towards Helsingør, where the garfish are now migrating back into the Atlantic.

When I arrived the place was packed with tourists and the usual spot was to crowded, so i decided to go for a nice ride in stead. I found some beautiful backroads and came by Louisiana museum of modern art as well, always a cool place to visit!

...Ahhhhh lovely.. Total relaxing four-stroke meditation.. Since there obviously wasn't any catch I decided to go and grab some food at the local indian (dot, not feather) currystore B'India, where they make a mean curry!! Chicken Korma and a Mango lassi, and off to home. When I took off my helmet at B'india, I found a still alive wasp just by my right earpadding... Glad it hadn't been caught inside!!

Ok, thats all for tonight folks, tomorrow I'm going to a Black Keys koncert, here in Copenhagen, and on Thursday I'll be leaving for San Fransisco!! AWESOME!! Stay tuned for more stuff from the abyss and beyond!!

May the winds of fortune always fill your sails!

-the Professor

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