Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthdaypost and awesome!!

What What WHAAAT???? BOOKS?!?! What have the world come to!?!
Hmm I'll tell you what.. This monday I was accepted at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) where I'm gonna study to become a Machine-/Mechanical Engineer. AWESOME!!!
 So today is my birthday (29) and I took good old Thomsen out for a spin out of town up to Lyngby, north of CPH,  where DTU campus lies, to purchase books for the 1st semester. Oh my god what a huge facility!!! I was absolutely amazed, went for a good long ride and then back into town where I had a good birthday lunch at one of my favorite cafes Granola, which Cay Broendum from have decorated. Awesome books with loads of challenging stuff, which will lead me down the path of becoming total awesome in engine-wizardry, mechanical-alchemy and other related stuff of matter and interest.

Here's a picture of Thomsen shot today. The bike will be featured in the October issue of GKM and not september as I first thought. Remember to get this months cool copy  @

...Also, a sweet feature this month is Dice Magazine's four-fold-issues, where "Red" from the Killer Bobbers bike is "covergirl" on #1 of the issues. Get em all @

Ok, thats it for now catch you soon with some more to "the timeline" and soon a "How the f*^k do I make this rusty beaten-up seatpan from the swap look awesome?"!!! Easy? We'll see about that so stay tuned!!

May the winds of fortune always fill your sails!

-the Professor

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