Friday, July 27, 2012


Alright it's been a long busy summer so far and there's still so much more to come!!
Been working like a mad man, but managed to get two weeks off work to go and work for Roskilde Festival as a voluntary building stages and all kinds of stuff. Luckily I was off during the 4 days of music and it was a blast (as always)!! My favorites this years was Bruce Springsteen, Jack white, Dr.John, Refused, The Vaccines and Alison Krauss and Union Station. Great concerts, good food, cold beer, great crowd, WOW!! Gotta love it !!!!!!

This Saturday it's off to James' 40th BBQ-Birthday-party, which I'm sure is gonna be great and then in three weeks time its off to California for 3wks. SWEET!!!

Ok so, I've been thinking, what to start off with on the blog.... Hmm should I do a build, or some of the work i've done on my bike...? Well I'll do a before-and-after-kinda-thing. I'm, not gonna do a lot of new pics since the bike is featured in the next GKM magazine, but I'll give you guys a kind of picture-timeline so far.
 First longer run after a complete mecanical rebuild. Everything had to come apart after the bike had sat for around 30 years in a garage in Alaska. I also had to redo the whole seat, which I will feature later on in a "How to..."-post.

Let's ride comortably and cool - Flanders 4"'ers and H&S bars and a solo seatpan with a temporary cover.

 Here's two workshop pictures showing our lovely little garage, where good people are always welcome and where the beer's always cold.

Next stop Bobberville!!!!!! This is when the fun begins! The second winter of building this beautiful bike I'm gonna make a bobber-kit for it, so I can switch between dresser (for winter-riding) and bobber for awesome riding!! SO, I'm gonna show you guys the way I've done it so far, so stay tuned for more awesome fun stuff from us here at Very Motorcycles.

- May the wind of fortune always fill your sails.

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