Sunday, October 14, 2012

Killer Bobbers : The Bacon Run

Alright, so over the years it's more or less become a tradition for us at Killer Bobbers to end every season with the so called "Bacon Run". A ride down to beautiful Møn, a small island in the south-eastern part of Denmark, where Red, builder of the blue Pan -coverbike of last months dicemagazine

, has a family summerhouse. A real nice time to chillax, barbecue, drink beer and practice one's shooting skills. We were blessed with a minimum amount of rain on the ride and an enormous amount of cold beer when we arrived at the scene.. The good Patrick from Krenkerup Brewery, who is now the happy owner of the before mentioned Pan, delivered his brewerys finest nectar, the gooooolden beer!!

It's the most relaxing run of the year for sure and the best way to finish off an awesome season. Of course the boys from glorious Motorious Lau and Kasper was there as well, even though Lau had som belt issues on the road down there. After having tried to cut down the belt by 1/2 inch, moving the gearbox around and all kinds of other stuff, the issue got fixed by a too long extra belt which Anders Donde luckily had in his saddlebag.

Saturday morning, checking out bikes:

Thanks for a great weekend guys, hope you've had a great weekend in Mannheim!! Hope you're bringing home some gold!!!
Here's some gold from the day:

Alright next time I'll start showing you how to go from:


Stay tuned !!!


-the Professor

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  1. Thank you for the kind words on the beer side of things. It was a Real pleasure for Nabo and I to join the Killer Bobbers on the last ride of the season. Your are such a great bunch of people and we had a blast.........